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Do you know made in Kobe shoes ?

We are a trading company for lady shoes based in Kobe Japan. Our place "Kobe" is the most famous city of lady shoe making. More than 80% of Japanese lady shoe production is concentrated in Kobe. We offer the extensive lineup and the letest designs with high quality. You can buy any shoes from our retail shop "Shoes in Kobe" with a wholesale prices. And we can find the new designs on your behave.

made in japan shoes in kobe
made in japan shoes in kobe

Made in Japan shoes

We offer an extensive lineup and the latest designs. The moment you put on a pair of our shoes made in Japan, you will be surprised at how wonderfully cushioned they feel. Wear them for extended periods of time without tiring your feet. We have partnerships with many leading Japanese shoe manufactures that carry a wide variety of styles. So whatever style you're looking for, we can suggest manufactures that match. Our close connection with the maunfactures makes it possible for modifications to be made to the design or color etc. OEM is also option.

The city of Kobe

Kobe is well known as the second largest port city in Japan and has many international companies. When Japan opened its door to foreign countries almost 150 years ago,Kobe was designated as one of the ports to be used for foreign trade. For foreign people who had come to Kobe for international trade,the Japanese craftsman who makes Japanese sandal "Zori" or "Geta" started to repair or make their shoes. That's the beginning of the history of "the shoe city Kobe". concentrated in Kobe, where reliable quality and comfort is supported by the numerous satisfied buyers.

Japanese synthetic leather

The main material used in our shoes is synthetic leather. can be seen just by looking at our shoes, no dullness in the glass or lustre. Cleaning is much easier when compared to genuine leather(Synthetics don’t actually require much cleaning.) The technology behind synthetic leather is very developed in Kobe, the area where our shoes are manufactured. We have a long history of making synthetic leather shoes and have the technology and capabilities to produce materials that rival genuine leather. As the finish is of such high quality, people who have an image of synthetic leather being low quality and cheap looking will think our material is genuine leather.